We the People (series): Not old and cold, just White and Wise (Chapter 7.)

Does Generation X need to take notes from the Baby Boomers? What’s at stake here is the future of their children, not the unsettled scores of their childhood.

We the People (series): 'O captain, my captain!' (Chapter 6)

Is the Supreme Court of India really the hero we youngsters make it out to be? The Court’s recent tilt in decision-making tells another story. Maybe it is not an exaggeration to see today as a replay of the 70s: the emergency, and the Court’s complicity in it.

We the people (series): 'Naari, Naari' and 'Bharat Mata' (Chapter 4.)

Women lawyers are leading the charge in protecting the rights of India’s citizens today. This is significant and important, here’s why!

We the people (series)- Pathan Bhai and his coat (Chapter 3).

The cook who brought me up was a Muslim, but I wasn’t conscious of it till someone called his clothes ‘Pakistani’ today. Will you be able to manipulate your memories of all the people you’ve known in your life based on their religion in New India??