Hi there!


Just me, my world and the flaws that make it perfect.



The darts and dives of a post-partum tree trunk… in search of that inner Deepika Padukone that must be there somewhere in us all, right?

Potty Seat

The charm of resolves made in the bathroom. Strong, soul-stirring… and forgotten too soon.

I should have married rich

A toast to the worldly wise, from the victims of parental moral lies. May you lead the world into the glorious future of punjabi aunty wisdom. Where nobody marries for love.

A tribe of nerve-wrecks

Dear old me, you won’t be the master of your world forever, so spare us all the judgment. Love, mom-me.

A Precious World

The world as it is, or the world that it should be? If it is the latter, then what is the world we are living in right now…

No piece of Cake

Cracks are inevitable when the layers get heavy… when work, marriage, family turns into one heady, demanding, mix. If you’re a working woman, you know. 😀

An Obituary

This is to moan the loss of a departed soul in the Indian legal profession… ‘Fraternity’, to you

Party Vibes

Dear Office Parties, you are deeply missed. Get out of the kennel soon, we are running out of stories to tell!


Ever feel like you are running through life without any clarity on what you want? Well, its time to talk about the importance of being idle.

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