Who I am and what I think

I am a young lawyer turned recent mom living the city life. On the surface my life is cocooned in the comfort of routine- work, family, trips, diets- but I have come to realise that recurring impulses of uncertainty lie underneath. Some days I wonder what I am doing, others I am anxious about the seemingly perfect lives of other people, yet others I want to forget all about it and start over. The cocoon grows thicker with a turning thread-loop of questions.

This blog is an attempt to evaluate the way I see things, not in the ‘wrong v. right’ way but in the ‘think about that v. don’t be obsessed about that’ way. I am putting myself down to the routine of posting something once a month; hoping that if I am compelled to give my thoughts form and structure and expose them to the views of others I will begin to unravel my knot of questions, one thread at a time, come out of my slumber and finally find my wings.

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