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We the People of India- Chapter 9. Jo Jahaan: Go to Pakistan!

In all our lives, us young Indians have never been more aware of our religious identities than we are today. Do we need to actively resist a subconscious complacency towards these newly-imposed identities and their influence in our daily lives? Here’s to someone who fought that battle, and won…

We the People (series): 'O captain, my captain!' (Chapter 6)

Is the Supreme Court of India really the hero we youngsters make it out to be? The Court’s recent tilt in decision-making tells another story. Maybe it is not an exaggeration to see today as a replay of the 70s: the emergency, and the Court’s complicity in it.

We the people (series): Shahrukh Khan and Butter Chicken (Chapter 2.)

Shah Rukh Khan and Butter Chicken have a lot in common. They are world-famous. They represent the things India is best known for: Bollywood and Curry. And, they are of foreign descent. Wonder if India would have been half the country it is today if their ancestors, or the ancestors of other symbols of India’s multicultural heritage, were not allowed past Indian borders back in the day.

The international Indian

It is time we claimed our place in the world as qualified, cultured, equals. Let foreign environments adapt to us for a change, and not the other way around.

Oh, why must you question?

In today’s ‘post-truth’ world, discussing a social issue (like the #metoo movement) is as important as believing in it.

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